Friday, 2 May 2014

April Recap

So I've been quite slack lately with keeping up with my blogging. But rest assured, I have quite a collection of tutorials and other various controversial topics I have been working on. Its just a matter of finding time to finish them.

So what have I been so busy with? Well, let me give you a little recap of how my April went.

First there was Gold Coast Supanova. Holy. Crap. Most fun I've had at a convention yet! Im going to put that down to the fact I was a lot more organised than I usually am, and had some wonderful friends to hang out with. I took my Nightingale costume (Skyrim) and Maya (Borderlands 2), both are relatively easy to wear costumes, though standing in the sun in a full suit of latex armor waiting in the mile long line wasn't to fun. I got to hang out with my good buddy that is Lithium Cosplay and her partner (who's quite handy with a camera) took some amazing shots over the weekend.

(photos by Andrew Grazier)

I was also lucky enough to meet the amazing team that is SmilesareBetter Cosplay and get a double feature in their youtube video recap of supanova cosplay. I highly recommend checking out their channel. GREAT work coming out of these guys, and they are super friendly to boot!

I also got a chance to work with Lorenzo So Photography who not only does some of my most drooled over photography work, but was also rally nice and introduced me to as many people as he ran into.

Overall, I found people to be extremely friendly at this convention. The atmosphere was great, and the quality of the costumes I witnessed took Cosplay to whole new levels. People are really getting their game on now, and its so great to see!

Aside from Supanova I've also had a few Etsy orders to fill. Nothing too tedious at this stage. A few Borderlands class mods and smallish props. I've also started taking on work for other people, in the costume department. My first full costume being a fem version of the Winter Soldier. I'll be posting a separate blog with all the gory details of how I'm going about that one.

My daughter also turned 4. So with birthday celebrations and family gatherings for Easter, it took up a large portion of my month. After receiving the Tinkerbelle movie for her birthday, my daughter has since requested a Tinkerbelle costume. So that is also on the cards now.

But for myself, I haven't really had time to work on much when it comes to my own costumes. I'm still searching for a small piece of suitable fabric for the upper sleeves of my Arwen dress. And I have also cut out he pattern and began marking out the fabric for my Arwen dress. Once I get that done, its just a matter of sewing it all together, and that will be another costume that 'bites the dust' as I already have everything else I require for the costume.

So, in short, I've been keeping busy! And I've also managed to grow my list of to-do costumes. So I guess I'm only going to get busier!

But fear not, because I will endeavour to keep you all updated as my work progresses!

Happy costuming!

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