Monday, 31 March 2014

Countdown to Con day

So, there's one week left until your next convention. You've organised your costumes, accommodation, tickets, all the important stuff. You've spent three months procrastination about working out and getting fit and looking your best for this con, but just haven't gotten to doing it. With one week left, there's nothing you can possibly do now that would change things right?


Now, I'm not saying we all need to go out and work our butts off and that we have to always look our absolute best for conventions. Not at all. But we all like to feel our best. And when we do feel good about ourselves and gain that extra bit of self confidence, it absolutely shines through when taking your costume out to display to the world.

So, here's a few tips and things that I try and adhere to the final week before a convention. 

1. Water is your friend! Staying hydrated is really important, not only for your health, but your appearance will have subtle differences too. Firstly, keeping well hydrated the week before the convention will help minimise the effects of dehydration on the actual event day. Lets face it, most of us have had experiences of not getting enough fluids whilst getting hassled for photos, or not being bothered with the half hour long lines because there is plenty more exciting things you could be doing.

So, out of all my tips, I feel like this one is probably the most important.

2. So you've got some wicked contact lenses for your costume, that's awesome! Want to avoid having horridly red and bloodshot eyes on the day? Well, try putting the lenses in for an hour or two each day leading up to con day. Most lens companies will recommend this and it will be stated in the instructions. But it's a small detail that can quite often be overlooked. Also, when you become accustomed to wearing them, your eyes won't be as watery. At least, this is the case for me anyway. It also helps to invest in a small vile of 'dry eye' drops. This stuff is a godsend when your eyes become itchy and dry after wearing lenses for a period of time.

3. Get organised! Keeping organised will help with the stress levels. Stop procrastinating on this one and just do it! Simple things like writing a list to help you remember what to pack, or even packing your 'regular' clothes the weekend before so you concentrate on last minute preparations for your costumes. It all helps. Stress can certainly reduce the 'fun' factor at convention time, and nobody wants that. Even when you feel like you have a million things to get done in next to no time, just writing a list and getting an idea of exactly what needs to be done can help you prioritise also.

4. Skincare. Yeah, you only have a week to go, but even now a good skin care regime can prevent last minute break outs, those dark circles from being tired and so on. Once again, staying hydrated will also help keep your skin looking it's best.

5. Last but not least, sleep! Yes, I know sometimes we will inevitably be up all hours of the night trying to finish that costume we promised. But a regular sleeping pattern will also help with all of the things I've mentioned above. Getting enough sleep is almost as important as staying hydrated (some may argue that one). Being well rested when con day rolls around will really make all the difference in the overall experience of it.

Anyway, I'm sure you guys knew all this already. But sometimes the simplest things are easy to overlook. So even if you didn't work out like you roomies yourself you would, yo will definitely notice the difference in how you feel by following these few steps.

Until next time friends!

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