Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Construction of Maya - Part 2

So with the bodysuit completed, it was time to tackle the pants. This seemed like it would be a much easier task for me. And it was. I took a pair of low rise blue denim jeans, and sewed the grey patches onto them.

I only had one problem when constructing these patches, and that was finding a grey colour that I was happy with. The only fabric I could find that was close to what I wanted, was a satin. Well, as you can imagine, satin would crease easily, and probably look kinda funny. I was skeptical, but I actually bought it. I sat at home playing with it for a while, doubling it over, pinning it down, examining it carefully. It just didnt look right :(

Well, then I had an idea. A far fetched one, mind you. But it actually worked. On an old pair of jeans, I had scribbled an outline of the grey pattern. I cut up this old pair of jeans, and covered the patches with the satin. It actually didnt look too bad! Well, at least I thought so anyway.

I decided to paint the patches before I sewed them onto the pants. TarahRex Cosplay was the one I asked for advice on painting and weathering fabric. With her helpful tips, I set off to paint :)

Once I was happy with the shading, I then used a permanent marker to outline and give it that 'cell shaded' effect you often hear people talking about when referring to a borderlands cosplay. I was very cautious approaching this task, so worried I would overdo it. But I actually found it to be quite fun. I had plenty of reference material, and made sure I kept referring back to it so as not to go overboard.

With the pants completed and the bodysuit almost finish (minus the weathering) I actually began to felt like I was getting somewhere! Up to this point, I had spent a few months on it already, so I was quite pleased and my excitement rejuvenated to see the base structure of my costume come together.

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